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Do you need to go to a parent-teacher meeting, meet a teacher or a member of management, or do you wish to follow and understand your child’s schooling or professional training better but have difficulties expressing yourself in French? Do you need a translation of an official letter or would like to be accompanied by a volunteer interpreter for your doctor’s appointment?

Through its community interpreting program, ICVolunteers can provide linguistic assistance with a competent individual who speaks your language and the one of the receiving country. The interpreter can help you with any procedures you may want to undertake available to you.

Through the intervention of our community interpreters, we can effectively help you understand the content of a meeting, and allow you to actively participate in it, by speaking, asking questions, giving your opinion or expressing your concerns.

Use our services

We invite you to fill in our online form and/or contact us directly at our office on +41 22 800 14 36.

* This service is accessible to any person, regardless of his/her status, origins and social situation.

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