Interpreters' Section

Few means are available to non-French speakers living in Geneva. Therefore, ICVolunteers, through its MigraLingua Program, offers linguistic services to migrants. 

Voluntary community interpreters break language barriers encountered in migrants’ daily tasks by linguistically accompanying them. Their role is to assist them with health, educational, judicial and administrative sectors. They facilitate intercultural exchanges and guarantee an effective communication involving three participants.

ICVolunteers also provides introductions to community interpreting, covering fundamentals.

How to register?

If this program is of your interest, if you have interpreting experience, or are a speaker of a language spoken by a migrants’ community, we invite you to fill in our online registration form and contact us by email migralingua[at] or by phone +41 22 800 14 36.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have translation experience.

We particularly look for African languages, Chinese, Kurdish, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Thai, and Tigrinya. However, we accept application for all languages.

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