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By changing its status from an emigration to an immigration country by the end of 1990s, Spain faced new issues related to the migrants’ needs. Although Spain is fully recognized as a receiving country, integration debates have not evolved and the government has not established integration policy. Therefore, ICVoluntarios-Barcelona put migrants’ integration at the heart of its actions.

ICVoluntarios-Barcelona developed a project based on linguistic assistance and tried to engage valuable means to meet the migrants’ expectations. This organization, member of ICVolunteers Federation, provides information on institutions and associations working in the immigration field, and offers community interpreting and translation departments. The objective is to help migrants with their daily tasks and assist them in their regularization procedure.

ICVoluntarios-Barcelona collaborates on a project entitled Parlaamb mi, parlaaquí with Linguamón – the House of Languages – and Federación Catalana de Voluntariat Social, dealing with immigration. ICVoluntarios-Barcelonaequally cooperates with the immigration secretariat of the Catalan Government and the Technical Immigration Office.

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