Migralingua: The Project

Image: AFP/Archives/Gérard Julien
Image: AFP/Archives/Gérard Julien

ICVolunteers, through the MigraLingua Program, provides linguistic assistance to migrants. The objective is to facilitate their social integration in the receiving country. ICVolunteers offers the following services:

  • Community interpreting
  • Translation
  • Help desk and workshops

These services enable migrants to fully interact and be part of the everyday life of the receiving country.


Community interpreters break the language barrier hampering migrants to fulfill their daily tasks. Interpreters assist non-French speakers in the health, educational, administrative and judicial fields.

ICVolunteers also provides introductions to community interpreting to acquire fundamentals.


Translators help migrants with their administrative duties. They translate documents such as CVs, birth certificates, cover letters, etc.

Help desk and workshops

The Arcade, located in 106 rue de Carouge, is a social space for non-French speakers. Migrants may be provided with information at our help desk. We also organize workshops for migrants to be fully integrated in their new social environment. This space enables them to take part in the Genevan daily life through concerts, creative workshops, and CV and interview discussions.

Overall, the MigraLingua project includes three main axes:

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